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Why Test Automation

  • Automated tests can run fast and frequently.
  • Increase of test coverage (Covering different types of testing)
  • Reusable: Tests can be re-used on different versions of the software.
  • Reliable: Tests perform precisely the same operation each time they are run thereby eliminating human error.

Selenium is a popular browser automation framework.It doesn’t matter what language the application is written in. Selenium tests through the browser, and it can’t tell the difference between a Java web app and one in C#.
Difference between Selenium C# and Java:There is NO major difference between Selenium C# with Java, It’s just the language difference along with some changes here and there to support new Firefox browser or chrome etc in both of these languages, and some of the changes in the code level are.

    • We can also see the difference in Change log of these language bindings. C# has more sophisticated IDE i.e. Visual Studio, which gives faster development and debugging experience compared to Java eclipse (well it can be complete reverse to some people)
      Generally speaking, you want your tests and applicaiton written in the same framework for the following reasons:
      Developer Competency the JVM and .Net are such huge environments that you would do well to really dig deep into one or the other. Having your tests look familiar to your app makes the transition easier.


  • Sharing of tools The fewer different external tools you have to depend on the better.
  • Native Application Calls It’s less of a concern in Selenium tests, but you may at one point want to interact with the application directly, say through a WCF call, and using the same tools makes that easier.
    Some of the benefits of separate tools include: Language fit Dynamic languages get a lot of love for their ability to easily mock and test. You’re bouncing between C# and Java, so that’s less of a concern, but something like IronPython offers interesting opportunities.
  • Tooling Support I’ve always though Java had the better test, build, integration story. Also, the Selenium APIs tend to get developed first in Java, then ported to new languages. However, unless you want to be right on the bleeding edge, the support is generally good enough between C# and Java.
  • All in all, the languages are so similar it’s not hard to jump between them.

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